Restaurant Menu Items in Multi Location issue

Hey all, trying to get some menu items to display based on conditional visibility but I’m running into some problems.

I currently have 3 collections. One for location of the restaurant, one for the category (i.e. appetizers, salads etc) and one for the menu items.

The problem Is not every menu item is available at every location.

I attempted to use multi-ref field with conditional visibility, but found out conditional visibility does not show ref or multi ref fields as an option. I also tried to use the filter option but could only apply filters that affected every location.

Basically I need a way to set an item to display: none based on if it is available at that location.

Hope this makes sense and feel free to ask if you have any questions. Any help on this would be fantastic!

Please note I have just started moving the static menus over to dynamic pages, so I am just testing at this point. I haven’t built out any full collection template pages yet.

Preview Link:

Looks like the best option would be to setup dynamic lists on your location template pages. Have the hook into the menu item collection and filter them by current location and one category.

You can only have 20 dynamic lists on a page so be mindful of that limit.


Hope that helps.

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Yes Sir,
This is working …

Thank You Very Much
I was stuck

It posted twice so this

You can also use a similar technique on a static page. Filter the list by a category and filter the list by location.

Then just manually add which ever lists you need to each static location page.

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The idea fix did work well.
But, Now if some categories menu items are not available
at a certain restaurant location example: Oysters
The Category appears in all the menus.
I put a disclaimer note: Saying only available at X Location
But the real thing is not to have the classification show up
at all if no restaurant menu item is picked.
Which is beyond my skill level to figure out

If it not one thing its another.

is there a way to do it, I don’t know ?

I think I understand
I’ll still have my collection
And my collection items
Will still be dynamic.
Only thing is on each restaurant menus
I’ll be like you said
Manually picking the categories and menu items
But if a menu item
Changes in the collection.
Like a price or description
Is updated. Wherever the
Menu item is placed it will


Call me if needed at

I’ll give it a Go.

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