CMS Collection pages are duplicating

I have a 4 different CMS collection pages, and I have different info for each page I want to edit. How can I add my own information for each page so it does NOT duplicate to other pages.

Trying to find the easiest way to do this because I have about 17 sections for each page!

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Hi Cindy,

The purpose of the CMS and Collection Pages in Webflow is to support large sets of same-shaped data. Recipes. Blog posts. Employee bios. Products. All of these pretty much contain the same shape of content and use the same basic layout.

Projects are not as easy to fit into Webflow’s model because you may have very different type of information that you want to show, in a different arrangement.

If you have only a few projects, static pages is your best bet, and Webflow recently increased the number you can have to 150 static pages per site.

If you have a lot of projects, or really want them in the CMS for other reasons, you can make heavy use of conditional visibility and rich text fields to create more versatile layouts.

If you really want the ability have 4 or 5 different layouts for different project types ( video project, website project, product design project, branding project… ) you can use this technique.