Problems with the Footer

Dear Webflow experts,

I’m almost done with my first webflow webpage! I’m very excited, and think that the results are so nice. At the same time, I’m trying to solve my last problem. The footer. Yes, I know that it sounds simple…but the footer is giving me issues. It looks nice on the deskstop setting, the tablet, and the sideways phone…but when I get to the verticle phone setting the text goes wonkey. If I try to adjust the text for the phone, then the footer, then it messes up the footer for the desktop or tablet formats. I know that I can do a sticky footer…but I don’t really like that look. I just want the footer at the bottom of all of the pages and the page to work for all of the different devices that might use it. Suggestions?

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Sorry for the long video, this is me discovering your site.

With a more solid structure, using float, for your footer, it’s easier to make it work for all breakpoints.

There is always an easy way. Start doubting when you add big negative values or big margins.

One thing I also noticed as I was exploring the websites is :
A) There is some spacing issue in certain areas.
B) The structure of the footer elements is wrong

    • The image block is not within the div block per say and is on a stand alone block? I am not too sure why?

But I guess @vincent solved some of that problem.