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How to get footer section to stick to the bottom of page on mobile?

Footer stays on the bottom of page on desktop view but doesnt stay on the bottom in mobile view. How would I go about changing this so that it sticks to the bottom like it does on desktop?

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When you have a problem like this, delete every section until you know exactly which section is causing the issue.

Here you have big VH values on some invisible elements in a complicated structure:

But if I change the values on those elements, wont it change on the desktop version? I have those sizes there because thats what size they need to be on desktop view.

You’re welcome.

The answer is no, but you should REALLY watch and read the basics about Webflow. On the topbar here there are links to Docs, Help and Tutorials. At the very very least please watch those:

@vincent, Ive already watched every tutorial. The first day i used webflow, I clicked the video camera icon on the bottom left of designer mode and watched every single video that day. So ive seen them already.

@gschultz: I’m not 100% sure what’s causing the issue here, but for a quick fix it looks like if you go to your mobile view and set the Body to “Overflow: Hidden” it resolves the issue.

Hello guys, may I suggest to change the structure of that block a bit?
It would make it much easier to adjust design for different screen sizes and devices.

Hey Sabanna, thank you for taking the time and making that video. However, those awesome shapes at the bottom will not be used in the mobile view. On mobile, they will just be regular rectangles same with the hero section. Those shapes will just be rectangle and boxes on mobile. :smile:

Well, even easier :wink: since you can make columns stack on eacn other

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