Navbar and Footer Problems

Dear Webflow experts,

Both me and my wife have been working together trying to get a webflow websight up and running. So far, we’ve been very impressed with webflows abilities, and are close to 90% complete. We just have two major snags. The first problem is that our Navbar is inconsistent between the five different pages. The navbar should be the same between all the pages, but the text appears to move slightly between the pages. We’ve tried everything to fix it…but haven’t figured out how (It appears that the pages template that they were created from are possibly different widths?)

Also we have the same footers on all of our webpages. The footer remains constant in how it looks, but it jumps from place to place on different pages. When we adjust, it moves it on a different page. It’s frustrating, as we just want the footer to be at the bottom of each page when we scroll down.

Any help on either problem would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey @Jeremy_Rampton,

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It seems you’ve set some custom styling on the nav links when they’re ‘current’, which is affecting the positioning (i.e. causing them to jump around). See the below screen capture of me removing them and setting them to a distinct colour (just so you can see the difference).

Thank you, I will definitley give that a try. Any ideas about the footer and why it’s jumping around?

Are you talking about the white space appearing underneath the footer div? That is because your page does not contain a sticky footer.

Simple fix, here you go.