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I'm havig trouble with my footer. I want it to be permanent at the buttom

Can someone help me? I’m having trouble with my footer! - Is it possible to get the footer to be permanently at the bottom og the page? It turns out that when I have a collection and new posts are coming daily, - then the footer suddenly stands in the middle of the page, and it just gets worse on the iPad and iPhone version. And I have to manually move the “Footer” down and down to the bottom all the time - it’s pretty annoying!


There are some methods to make the footer always stay at the bottom regardless of the content above.

Is possible for you to share a read only link so I can take a look at your specific site?

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Hi again! Here is my sharelink:

Which page should I look at? Always hard when you don’t know the language :sweat_smile:

I am not finnished to do the buttom in all pages. But look at I want the footer be on the buttom of all pages.

Think I found the problem. Check your Class Collection News is at a fixed height of 125px, set it to auto. Also your Class Section 12 is on a fixed height of 550px, set to auto.

Hope it helps, let me know otherwise.

Thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

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Sorry, but the footer on Ipad and Iphone landscape, is not good on this site Don’t know how to fix that?

No problem, check the most outer div inside your symbol(Footer_2) with classname Section 19. It has very large top padding on both the tablet and mobile breakpoints.

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aha! Thanks a lot. But do you use a little bit top padding, f.eks. 15 or 20 px

Yes, in your case I would set it to maybe 30px.

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Thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

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I have lots of questions… My first site is almost finnished. But there are a lots of problems…

Ask away :smiley: Make new topic for any new problems you have.

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Dear Jorn! It seems that when I do some changes, and new posts are coming in to the news feeds, (see here the footer don’t want to stay at the bottom. Isn’t there a tool, which can forcing the footer to be at the bottom of each side?

If done right with every new item the footer should be pushed down. There’s a few techniques you can use to have it always on the bottom but I shouldn’t use them if not needed. In your case the page will always have new posts to fill the screen and therefore push the footer down so it’s no need for that. It must be something else going on here.

It seems to work from want I can see following the link you send /tidindi.

Yes, - please sorry, I found out of that problem, - I set it to auto, then it was OK :blush:
But in the “home” page, I have problems now, - after I have put a facebook Plugin on the page “heim” a (html embedded code) (bottom left) - after that, the footer disappear completely? why? My share link is here:

Ok, I saw that the code was in the page settings. So when you publish without the code footer is there?

Yes, I have been told that in settings I have to put this:

And in the home, the other htlm code??
Did I wrong?

I see that Webflow doesn’t show the code I put above which I used in settings?