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Problems with the Designer

This is driving me crazy…

The Designer panel is so lagish that it becomes very annoying working with it. I’ve tried to clean the cache, incognito… nothing! There’s always 2 seconds delay (sometimes a lot more) between a clicked element and it’s response.

Anyone is experiencing something similar?

Need more context here of what trouble shooting you have tried also. You could not have enough RAM available either due to no space on your computer or from having too many windows or tabs open.

Slow responses like you describe usually indicate some type of network condition that affects your node. Can you try using another local network to see if the issue is isolated. Problems could also occur at the ISP level or any upstream segments.

These types of problems are very hard to debug in the forum. OS / OS Version / Browser / Browser Version is also essential info to share. Does the issue persist when you try a different supported browser?

I am using a high-end Macbook. Not many tabs in the browser. And 600 MB optical fibre connection by the way.

Ok did you test using another browser? Which were you using and version?

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