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Designer very slow, this might help

Hey everybody,

lately i’m experiencing the designer to be very slow and not responsive, to a point were it really drives you crazy. A single click can take up to 5 to 10 seconds and loading a new page takes ages. So i tried a few things and did some research as well. The reason why i open a new topic is beacuse i can not reply to all the old ones but wanted to let you know anyway.

Recently i got a new computer and Webflow Designer seems to be running very smoothly on it. So i though it maybe has something to do with the SSD or the CPU. But after a while that instance on the new computer started to slow down also. So i decided to go a little deeper and found out that actually none of my ressources (on the old computer as well) went really high. CPU was very cool, RAM is still half way empty and the new SSD M2 is so frigging fast it just can not be the problem. So my thought was it should be the browsers problem. Because of that Lag happening, i recently switched to Edge, because i felt Webflow went way faster with it. But the real reason was, Edge wasn`t just as filled up with temporary files as Chrome at that time. So i went on a hunt to delete all temporary files from Edge and it “kinda” worked. The Designeri s speeding up significantly and is running almost smoothly. But to be honest, its not the same speed as in the beginning, but still lightyears faster. So here is my advice:

Go to you users /AppData Folder and delete everything that you find regarding Microsoft Edge. But be sure to safe your tabs and other data before that. Your browser might get reseted. After that fire up Edge again (or any other browser for that matter) and sync your data again. This helped a lot for me. hopefully it will do the same for you. And sorry for the long text :wink:

In addition: I feel like this method can be improved. Maybe there are some other temporary files that i didn’t found. So if you have anything to add, feel free to do so.

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