Webflow designer showing latency/lag in Chrome with many tabs open

The design is really lagging… I have a lot of Chrome tabs open, but it’s still an issue.

Can you provide us with a link to the project in question? I’d be happy to check it out on my end, but I do know that having excessive amounts of tabs open in Chrome can slow down most machines.

Really getting tired of being a QA tester here… https://preview.webflow.com/preview/hautecode?preview=6f167c1929df7781d01cb265138735b0

After moving around in the designer for a bit I didn’t notice anything that would make it unusable, but that just may be my opinion. For reference I am using a mid-range Surface Pro 3, have roughly 20 tabs open, and Netflix is playing on my second monitor.

What are the system specs on your computer? Do you notice any lag when previewing the site in the designer or live on the web?

Yeah, it’s most likely Chrome. I often run into memory issues because Chrome can’t effectively manage it’s memory. But still, Webflow shouldn’t be freezing up on me.

My advice would be to close any unnecessary tabs and test again. I also noticed you have quite a few high resolution images included in your project, however I can’t say for sure if this would cause slowdown or freezing.

I have closed some tabs and it’s helped slightly. Overall, I think it’s a Chrome issue.

Hi @cjroe, Chrome is a memory intensive for sure, here is an article that might help to provide some suggestions: Why Is Google Chrome Using So Much RAM? Here's How to Fix It

I would also check any custom code used on the site, that can have an impact also.

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