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Laggy and Slow Designer

Hi guys,

Recently (bout 5 days ago) I’ve been facing laggy and maaaaddd slow designer (I’m referring to the design platform on webflow) . Been using webflow for a couple of years now but this is the first time Im experiencing this. I’ve checked up on these things as adviced by posts on forums etc.

  • Internet conncection: No problem with that
  • Plugins and extenstions: Tried and testing, can’t be the issue
  • Browsers: I’ve tried 3 high speed browsers, so nope it’s not that
  • Computer specs: 16 GB Ram, Gen 10 i7, so nope can’t be that as well
  • Cleaning up unused classes: Done and dusted

I still have no clue why my designer is so laggy, even tried using other’s laptops but its still not working. The customer support team is taking forever to reply, sigh. Is anyone else facing this problem? And if anyone has a solution to this i’ll be very very grateful :pray:

This has been mentioned a number of times on the forum and the last update I saw mentioned they were looking into projects that are experiencing the issue in hopes of finding a solution. No word on that yet, but I feel like it’s been attributed to more complex projects.

Would you say it’s limited to any specific site project or is it across the board? If it’s localized to one project, do you recall a recent change you made roughly 5 days ago that increased the complexity? This could be imported a large number of files, collection items, products, etc.

I’d imagine their response will be asking you for some more specific information, so taking note of anything that could point them in the right direction will hopefully help the testing they’re doing on their end.

Hey bud,

sadly its across all my projects, both light and heavier ones. So lost and yeah they did say they’d look into it but just sitting on the fences for abit :,(

Have you ever experienced such a thing?

Normally I don’t, however I noticed some lag today when working in a shared project link from a community member and it was due to lots of large Lottie files. Do you happen to regularly upload larger sized files?

I know Webflow provides responsive image sizes, so normally this doesn’t necessarily affect site load speed but could be what’s bogging down the Designer.

For me this happens on any site with more than approx 12 - 15 pages, or any time multiple collection lists or nested collection lists are present on a page.

This isn’t new, the Webflow designer has been like this for a long time now. Just don’t use Webflow for anything beyond a basic brochure style marketing website. That’s my conclusion anyway.

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Nope bud, at least not for all the projects :frowning: . The ones with lighter and 1 page loads are just as slow unfortunately.

Thank you for the heads up my G. Do you happen to have any other CMS or platform recommendations that’s just as good?

What does your CMS collection schema look like?

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