Problems with Sort Order - Random


I can’t solve this problem, see if there’s something better to do:

On the project page of this architecture portfolio site, the idea is that at the end of a project the site recommends another project. The initial idea was for it to be in natural order, but I didn’t find any option in collections that was possible (is it possible?), so I chose random.

HOWEVER, when I try to click repeatedly on the suggestion at the end of the project, the recommendations generate an identical looping and that does not cover all published projects, very different from what should be a random option, right?

Is there something I’m missing? It would be wonderful to be able to resolve this for my client.

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - Studio MEMM)

Hey Paulo!

I believe the random order is changed once a day or whenever you publish.

One option could be to add a reference field to the collection and select a project for each manually. I’ve done this before and works quite well if you don’t have many projects.

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HI @Paulo_de_Freitas WF doesn’t offer basic next/prev functionality and if you do not code there is Finsweet next/prev you can use that will allow you to fulfil your original idea.


Thank you!

Using references really helped with my 1st idea! Problem solved :slight_smile:

This is a nice and more robust solution for sure. I’ll save this tool!
Thank you man :slight_smile:

No worry once you will get tired adding everything manually you may disover magic of dynamically added conent is better solution.:love_you_gesture: