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New feature: Random dynamic list ordering

Hi folks, we have another small feature to announce: random dynamic list sorting!

Just choose “Random order” as the sort order in the dynamic list settings and your dynamic list will automatically shuffle on the page. This works in the Designer, CMS, and on published sites.

It’s especially handy when you have a collection of “stuff” you want to display in a random showcase like “other posts by Dave” or a “quote of the day”.

Keep in mind that because we cache your site pages on a CDN (which is why they load so fast!), your random sorts on published sites will refresh once every 12 hours. The upside is that everyone viewing the site will see the same (random) order.

Have fun being random!


Wonderful! Lots of people were asking for this feature. Webflow delivers! :clap:


Why always cats ???
Dogs are nice too.

Thank you tho :smile:


It’s not working!

Please create a proper thread for help, and include your public share link.

I’ve been waiting for this. My whole site is based on this feature ever happen.

Hey guys, awesome feature.

Is there any way we can make the CMS items show randomly from the list of available items (instead of having them all showing)?

So for example if I had six products, and I only wanted to randomly show one of them, how could I do this?

Currently when you select “random” and limit the display to 1 it just shows the same one, and no others from the stack?

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Good point Jason! It seems like that’s how it should work since sorting is an operation that happens before limiting. We’ll look into it to see if it’s easy to make it work like this with the current implementation.


I’m working with a collection of sponsors and each time the page is visited, I want a different collection item to show or at least on a refresh. I have random selected but the same two post keep coming up on every visit. Isn’t this the use case for “random”?

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