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Random sorting doesn't work as expected


That’s one year I completed my website, but I’ve just noticed that random sorting doesn’t work as expected. Let me explain :

  1. After having created my collection, I inserted it into a page
  2. I ask thesorting order to be “Random, shuffle”
  3. In the dashboard, every time I reload the page, the random feature works very well and the sort is different everytime
  4. When I go to my published website anyway, the sorting order is well randomized, but it stays always the same at every reload. So we always see the same items at first, which is not what I expected.

What to expect : at every page reload, the sorting order is different.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Any news on this bug ?
I noticed that the part of the website had a different random sorting order than the published site, but every refresh shows the same order.

Is there anyone that can do something on this ?

@Alesclandre this happens sometimes because the browser catches information. If you may a hard reload they should work.

If not, be careful there’s not another sort feature on the same page.

@Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo Thanks for your answer but I tried on two other browsers that I never use and this is exactly the same.
Can you try it yourself and see what happens ? You just need to do 3 or 4 reload of this page and see if the order changes. Thanks.

It seems like the sorting is not working out the way is setup.

Would you like to share your preview link so I can see what’s happening?

Yes, my preview link is here

Note that the feature works inside the CMS

It seems everything’s right from what I see, but try to remove the random, put another one, publish and then back again to random.

So you have any third party integration??

You mean removing the existing random, and put another random on the same place ?

I don’t have any other party integration.

Tried to remove random, sort with something else, publish, add random sorting, republish, but nothing changed apart from the fact that the sorting is in a different random order…

Due to the way sites are produced and stored, and to reduce unnecessary load, the sites are generated every 12 hours I believe - so when it’s generated and cached you will see a new random sort.

If you need to have random on each page-load then you’ll have to implement a custom JS solution.

Does the order change over time like this?

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What’s the interest of a random sorting if it is always the same ?..
The fact is : it’s working as expected inside the CMS, so why not on published site ?
Another fact is : the sorting is changing at every new publish.

Anyway, I’ll see what happens in 12 hours.

I certainly understand where you’re coming from, but one of the great benefits of Webflow is the speed at which the sites can load - this is all possible because the site is static. When you introduce features like dynamic on-demand randomisation and sorting then it’s going to slow things down because there will usually be some sort of server-side tasks to complete the view.

So the solution they’ve provided is a good balance of functionality while keeping sites fast.

Ok, so it should be explained that the random sorting will only work at every publishing. And it is not. I’ve sent this bug report through the dashboard and received no answer.
Not even this kind of explanation.
So I’m not sure if it is really a feature to change the random sort only at every publish…

Moreover, there is a post on this forum where the webflow team itself shares a script to do this exact same thing. And later in the post, they share the random sorting feature to be live, so I guess this should have been the same thing…

Anyway, the site hasn’t changed since the last 24 hours, so I guess it is not a matter of cache.

Maybe @Waldo has an idea of what’s going on :sweat_smile: ?

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