Realtime random sorting on every refresh/click

I’m trying to have a collection list randomized every time the user (not admin!) clicks on the respective button.

I managed to get a reset to the initial/desired list (which is in random order by default) but it doesn’t truly randomize every time, it just resorts back to the exact same initial order (compare 1 and 5 below).

From what I understand the built-in WF CMS random function is bound to a 12h time-frame. Maybe that’s the problem here?
Has anybody managed to find a work-around for something like this?

My read-only: Webflow - Ornament-is-crime_backup_070921


You can do it with custom code. You would have to convert your collection list to a JS Array and then randomize it.

Hi Jeff, thank you for your advice!

Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with JS and how to implement it in WF.
If you could guide me through the process step-by-step, that’d be super helpful!

Thank you!