Problems with data being saved and being overwritten

Hey guys.

Me and a team from an another country are working on the same webflow project.
For some reason the changes that i make are being lost.

I have the elements page, I made sure that i made a backup of the work as well and shows in the backups as well (as user defined backup) but after a day or few hours when i go back to my page the styles i have done go away along with the classes that added.

I need help, my changes being lost.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Ali,
Welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

It is impossible for more then 1 person to work on the same project, so I guess you guys taking turns? With the same user? or with the team account?
In both of these cases, if one side is still logged in, and has the project designer open on his side, while someone else tryies to design simultaneously, some problem might occur…
Can you try making sure everyone are logged out, and only then edit the project? and only then check if changes are saved or lost.

we have the team account. Not sure if everyone is logged out but at the time we are working we have a 12hr difference so each of us have different times. the problem is data getting lost

Does the data loss occur every time? no exceptions?

The data loss is for me only and not the other guys.
I created a page called elements and that keeps on losing styles.

There is no loss for the other team.
I make sure i see the green bar to check my changes/also did a manual save like mentioned.

Hi @Ali_Hussain_Jiwani! Thank you so much for sending this over!

That definitely sounds like unexpected behavior. I have not heard of styles being overwritten in this format before in a Team based site and want to make sure this gets resolved asap. :grimacing:

When you’re done working on the project, do you create a manual backup and then close the Designer of the site so that your team members can access the site via the Designer?

You might be able to open a preview version of a “user-initiated save” site backup here (only you and your team can access this link):

Then copy and paste your work from the previous version into your current site version.

You can do this by using our cross-site copy and paste feature which allows you to copy designs from one site to another.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, could you please contact our team with more information about the issue so our team can look into this in detail? :bowing_man:‍♂

Yeah but this instance has happened quite a few times.
Can it be possible that it is looked into a more personal level?

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