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Problem with webflow saving changes

I’m experiencing serious problems with saving changes. It is not the first time I have saved my changes and second day all my work was gone. I thought that I didn’t save changes by mistake. But I have made yesterday some major changes to website structure and have SAVE my job (for each resolution just in case) and today ALL I have done is now GONE. I’m really not happy, how I can rely on a system that doesn’t save work done. I would like to hear if anyone have the same experience. Currently working with Webflow in Chrome.

PS: Just to be clear I have 2 stages of the same website - 1. prototype where I test structure (project for testing - a copy of original) and 2. the project itself. Changes made yesterday in both projects (test and current) weren’t saved

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Hi @Stan, do you actually name your saves ? Are those named backup not available in the backup section ?

Hi @anthonysalamin I’m using standard publish button. I have published all yesterday evening. This morning all changes are gone. It is as initial stage.

better get in touch with webflow support directly in that case, only they have logs.

I will do when I will do this job again. My only concern is what else is gone as I did yesterday another small jobs beside this one most obvious. Like I have said this happened already a few times, how I can trust than my job will be there tomorrow. :frowning:

Is there any normal support email I can send and issue? I really do not want to communicate with dummy computer that absolutely have no clue I’m issuing and only answer is to “check our video” ?

EDIT: Finally got thru chat-bot, let see what support have to say about that. One suggestion for webflow is to give an option with standard email link or create in Webflow a simple form with description what data should be provided. This chat-bot is IMHO is not the best UX and I’m person that have no problem with technology.

you can write an email at :wink: They reply pretty quickly.


Hi Stan, I have the same issue with Webflow! Allow me to offer 2 pieces to the puzzle that may or may not be related.

  1. Is your internet connection strong and stable?
    I believe that an unstable connection might mess up the communication between your device and the server.
  2. Do you work with duplicate tabs of the same page?
    If you have a duplicate of the same design in a different tab, maybe it autosaves the older version if you haven’t published the current one you working on.

Again, I am not sure about these 2, but definitely worth checking out and experimenting.

I am dealing with the same issue that happened more than once and it might be related to the unstable connection I have in my office as it’s far from the router.

Just something to think about. Please let me know if this makes sense to you and if it made any difference.


Hi @ZoharL my Speed is hopefully fine and is stable

CleanShot 2020-12-03 at 15.12.45

All I can say is with this IMHO good speed I’m experiencing about 5-8s delay to be ready publish changes (green check) even when I only move item around or just sing a new class or whatever. This is pain in neck and is about 1.5 month

I hear you, brother. This IS a pain in the neck. BTW your internet speed seems fine. It happened to me yesterday again. I guess we should contact Webflow’s support guys and see what they think of this issue. Since it happened to you and me, I am sure we are not the only ones so I am curious to see what their thoughts are about this issue.

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I’m having the same issue. I keep making changes and when I come back, the changes are gone.

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This is happening to me too. The strange thing is that some changes do seem to stick, but others just disappear. I’m absolutely sure that I have saved the changes and the next day a part of them will just be gone. This is a big problem of course.

If anyone has more insights about why this is happening that would be great.

There are a few issues that can happen, but without seeing the project or being able to reproduce effectively, it can be difficult to tell.

Some things to check:

  • You don’t have the same project open in the designer or Editor in different tabs
  • Your internet connection is not dropping out
  • I personally test and design using Incognito mode, where browser extensions cannot interfere.

You can always force a save with CMD(CTRL) + S while designing.
Seeing the :white_check_mark: in the designer is a way to know that your design is up to date and saved

If you are not seeing the green check, then try CMD + S (force save) before refreshing your browser. If you are having repeated issues, and can reproduce this, I would urge you to reach out to support directly.

Please feel free to share any issues, or reproducible steps here.

It happened again. Yesterday I have worked on animations and now all structure and custom attributes are gone. All of them. Lets start again. Thank you :face_vomiting:

Dear @Webflow ARE YOU SERIOUS???. I was all day working on project, writing custom JS placed in page settings when I’ve been done for day I did copy to continue on tomorrow. Now ALL MY CODE IS GONE not only on new copy but as well on file I have created copy from what’s more added elements are gone too. Now this project is in EXACT state as this morning when I have lost all job from yesterday (as my comment above). FTW IS GOING ON??? IM NOT PAYING PRO ACCOUNT TO LOOSING MY TIME!!! FIX IT!!!