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Losing Published Work on Teams Plan

I’m having a big issue with a website I’m building on a webflow teams plan where I’m losing an entire day’s worth of work.

The following just happened. Yesterday, I worked on a website that was shared between myself and another user (who’s the admin). After working all day on the site, publishing it frequently to the, I eventually finished, and closed out. The next day, the other user signed in and continued working on it. Upon completing his work, he also published the site, as you would. I then log back in to continue the cycle, only to find every single change I made the day prior was undone. This has happened twice now. Neither of us can understand why. We both see each others changes otherwise. Even the fact that I added the new break points to the project (which can’t be undone) where indeed undone upon logging back in. If this is a bug, it needs to be sorted quickly because this is debilitating. Any thoughts?

I would provide a read only link if I could, but this site contains information that is not yet public knowledge.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hello Samuel, have you checked the versions of the website? I wonder if your colleague has overwritten the changes that you’ve done somehow? I’d suggest to check there maybe, if it’s something that’s been happening more than once maybe then contact wf customer support?

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