Losing hours of work in the designer after refreshing the page

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on building a site for the last month and 4 times now, after I refresh the the browser with the designer open, when the page finishes refreshing, loads and loads of things I built and adjusted are gone…styling, layout, colors, fonts…all kinds of changes, just gone.

But here’s the weird part: when I check the site on the front (not via the preview eye icon in the designer, but by going to the temp url for the site) all the changes and work I’ve done are still appearing fine.

But I can’t go into the editor to keep working on the site in the designer because so many of the things I’ve built and set up are gone, and I need to build on top of those things.

Does anyone know why this is happening to me and how to prevent so much of my work from disappearing in the designer? And how do I get the designer to recover all the settings that are in place somewhere in the code of the site (because the site looks fine on the front, outside of the designer)?

Thanks much for any help with this.


Here is my site Read-Only: My read only link.

Experiencing similar issues for the last week. Every morning when I log back in everything I did the day before is lost. No backup is available where styling is still applied. Divs and class names are still visible but all other settings/styling/changes are completely lost. This has been happening 4 days in a row and I keep losing everything. This doesn’t happen if I log out and switch my mac off and back on again. It happens overnight. Internet is stable so changes should be saved, especially as Divs created last are there but styling applied to divs created first are lost as well.

Here is the project