Problems setting up SSL on Webflow hosted site

Hey everyone! I am attempting to set up SSL on my Webflow-hosted site:

The domain is registered with Network Solutions, and I am pretty sure they do not support CNAME flattening.

Here is the screenshot of the Dashboard, and the error it is showing:

I have read the SSL support article, but am still having issues. In fact, my site is now down! :persevere:

Here are some screenshots of my A-Record settings:

I did have some CNames entered, but they caused the site to go down… so there are currently no CNames entered:

If anyone could tell me what settings to enter, it would be MUCH appreciated!


@samliew, I noticed you have answered some questions like this in the past. Could you give me some pointers?

You could point the nameservers to a Cloudflare account you set up, then manage the domain name records from Cloudflare. You can see all the screenshots I previously posted on this forum.

Remove all A records. You don’t need any of them if you are setting up SSL.

Thanks @samliew! I’ve got it set up correctly now. I really appreciate the help!

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