Please help me with setting up Webflow's SSL hosting with NameCheap?

Hey there,

I am working on finalizing a client site and, for the first time, need to set up SSL hosting. I plugged in the following records on NameCheap as advised here in a webflow article:

Webflow has provided this resource for setting up SSL, but I am really struggling here. Please help, if you can!


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Delete all records except first two. Wait 72 hours.


Thanks for the response. Will this result in the page showing [Secure] in the URL nav?

Hi @ctrav - doesn’t your CNAME Record need to be…? As advised here:

Regards Kai

Thanks for this tip. Huge help. I’ve added the CNAME as you advised and will wait for the domain to propagate, then I will update you.

Wow, here we go - already propagated!


For anyone else reading this thread who needs help with SSL on Namecheap (or other DNS provider):

These are my domain settings within Namecheap:

And these are my domain settings within Webflow:

Good luck.



@samliew actually you are required to have a CNAME record of for your sub domains (www, and any others), and A Records for your root domain of, As those A Records ensure that your root domain traffic gets re-directed to your www sub domain on SSL hosting.

Unless you’re using a third party DNS provider which supports CNAME flattening (serving the root domain over SSL), you’ll need to use the setup above for SSL hosting for a Webflow hosted site.


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