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Hi all, as no doubt everyone knows, I’m a rookie at this! I have just set SSL hosting for a client as per the screenshot below; however the settings on the WF account show the www as unlinked. Is this just a case of slow DNS propagation or have I got it wrong - again!?

Thank you again

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You should not have any IP addresses set for the root/empty subdomain and www subdomain if you have a CNAME set with “”. Delete rows 1,2,7,8. Add a row with empty subdomain with “” as CNAME value.

thanks @samliew I deleted the A records for www and root but it won’t let me add a CNMAE for the root, I get this error


Setting up an SSL hosting seems to be different with every provider! Help much appreciated.

and now both the root and www are unlinked,

Seems like for this domain name provider, you have to put a . in the subdomain field instead of blank.

Thanks @samliew I have done that, and I have re-added the A records for the root domain as this at least then shows as connected on Webflow

I have now put . at the end of each CNAME, my webflow says its all connected - phew!

Thank you!

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