Issue with Webflow, lost all work

I’ve been working on a step-wise form for a client since the last 4 weeks or so. I woke up this morning and spent another three hours on it. What happened next almost made me cry. I think the mistake I made was that I had two separate pages of my form opened in two tabs in the same browser, and was making changes on both simultaneously. When I was done, I published the link and logged out. I previewed it later on my laptop and surprisingly, the form turned into a complete mess, all animations interactions and design disappeared, sections disappeared, classes disappeared, in both pages. All my work just gone.

Thankfully, I have a habit of creating backups of my work every single day. So thank god I still have my backup from yesterday, but the three hours I spent today were all for nothing, and I am very annoyed. How was I supposed to know that I cannot work on two pages simultaneously? Here is a before and after picture:

Landing page before:
Landing page after:

Here is the backup of my work till yesterday:

And here is the work I did today:

Just compare the differences between both… the work I did today has been completely ruined. How do I get it back? Will I have to do it all over again? Three hours is a lot of work and this is just very inconvenient. How can I rely on Webflow if things like these happen? And more importantly… if I didn’t have a backup what would I have done then? If a problem like this exists… why is there no warning message? How would I know?

Very very sorry for your loss of work. happened to me not so long ago.

Quite all software work like this, so that’s why you could have known. Opening two instances of an app withthe same doc/project makes exactly what’s expeceted: they fight to impose their own copy/version of the doc/project.

You can maybe explore all the save points by previewing them. if youfind something to restore you can copy and paste it into your live project.

Horrible - this just happened to me also. On one tab I was working on the Shopping cart and on the other I was changing bits and pieces. Darn it, I picked up the wrong tab today and made more changes, then noticed some vital stuff seemed to have reverted on the published page - now I have to revert back and then remember all the little changes.
Contrary to the comment above, Ive used software that does allow multiple pages - its called collaboration