Pages not saving have headache trying to finish site

Hi, am a newbie to Webflow .

Maybe Im doing something terribly wrong but I have had a very hard time trying to save pages. Once I have saved … only to find the page were not saved and I had to redo many pages Ive tried CMD save on mac. Ive tried also save button. Often styles and classes are not saved at all also. backgrounds often disappear (Also when I publish many bg images are not showing up)and I have to redo pages all over again. Any tips on how to not loose work on a page?

Thanks , Obed.

It’s been bad for me today as well. Had to wait minutes for the page to save. Anything up, @RileyJones ?

So im back and the saving problems has started again. I save a page and it looses the saved stuff. Very frustrating indeed. How does one complete a website in time?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to save pages properly ? (ie. so that im sure im not loosing any changes that i have made)

can anyone help please?

yesterday i lost 2 hours worth of changes

You should contact support with this issue.

Ok will do so. Thanks.