Problem with page limitation- I'm in tears lol

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I have a new client who had a freelancer on Fiverr make her a website. Unfortunately, it did not work well and she was very unsatisfied. That’s how she came to me.

I redid the whole site and made it ready. So far so good. She still works independently of me with a performance agency. They recommended “Convey This” to her for the translation of her website.

Unfortunately, this does not really work and there are always problems. Therefore, the customer has now asked me to manually duplicate the pages - for a total of 7 languages - and then translate them manually.

But this exceeds the 100 allowed pages in total. Therefore, I am now considering whether it is possible to create the entire website page by page as a CMS item and thus achieve the desired result.

My questions:

  1. Is this possible in principle?
  2. What systematic problems could this cause?

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards, Brian

For translation, I’d head in a different direction. You’ll end up doing far more work if you try to do this manually using the CMS, and more importantly it will be difficult for your client to manage, and for you to SEO properly.

Have a look at Polyflow, new kid on the block but their design looks very well thought out.

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Would weglot be able to solve this?

Hi @Adicts :wave: welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about the troubles with all of this.

You’d want to avoid that approach if possible.

The standard approach to this sort of thing is to have one page that swaps in the language of the user. You can have some layout issues with that but typically libraries and services that offer this, help with that.

The popular choice with Webflow (as already mentioned) is weglot.

Also, Webflow announced their own native internationalization efforts which they said would be offered this year.

Hope that helps!

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Weglot has been the popular choice for some years but it’s also considered expensive and has problems with correctly cross-linking the hreflang variations of documents. Polyflow was built specifically for Webflow, and resolves all of those issues. It has a multilingual sitemap too. I’m actually very impressed with what they’ve built.


Hey guys, thanks so much for your answers. I referred Weglot but the customer says that it’s too expensive unfortunately. Polyflow looks actually kinda nice, might give it a try and see where it goes. :slight_smile: thanks so much!

I am so glad this thread introduced me to Polyflow. I am having a similar challenge with a 6 region website, and having a service that supports manual regional swaps seems ideal for us. Unfortunately, it would appear that Polyflow is no longer accepting new signups and they are not responding to my messages and support requests. I wonder if something happened to them and they are no longer going to be supporting the service…?

Have you seen this?

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Thanks for mentioning us, Chris!