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Problem with hiding / deleting pictures of the template in the lightboxes

Hey all,

there is a problem, unfortunately I can’t solve.

I’m using a template to build my Website and on one subpage I built some lightboxes.
When I click on each of the six boxes, a video should open.
Unfortunately there are also some of the template pictures that still pop up, when I click on the video. I want to delete them but don’t know where to do that.

Does anybody know, where I can delete / hide there furniture pictures from the template?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Here is my public share link:

Hey @HenrikB!

It looks like there is an issue with those specific lightbox elements. To fix this on your project, the easiest method is to just replace them with new lightbox elements from the elements panel.

Just drag over a new one, give it the same class, and drag over the content from the old one to the new one.

I’ll check with the Template developer to get it fixed on their end too.

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