Cannot remove demo image from lightbox

I have an issue that seems like it should be so simple and it’s driving me bonkers. I’m newer to Weblow but not that new. I used a lightbox template from someone else and applied it to the site I’m working on, I replaced the original images in the gallery and added my own. However, when the thumbnail is triggered to show the media, the old demo photo still appears as the very last image. It’s happening on every single lightbox I’m using. I have it on all the gallery pages and the Awards & Press ones.

Thank you in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

I seem to remember an issue there was similar to this that had to do with copying an existing lightbox from another site or page to a new page. I think if you delete all of the lightbox images and start fresh it should resolve it. That’s what I recall anyway and hopeful it helps you.

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I’ve also had this issue! It drove me nuts. I think it’s a bug. But I was able to work around it by creating a new lightbox with the same class name instead of copying and pasting.

I have the same problem too. I bought a template to save a lot of work and the old images will not go away. I replaced the thumbnails, media, and even removed the group names. Even still when the media is displayed the thumbnails at the bottom still show other images that are not even in the group.

Making me crazy. :frowning:

Many many thanks,

PS Part of the question is: Are template developers responsible for their products and how are situations like this normally handled. Thanks!

The template developers suggestion that I replace all of his LightBoxes breaks all of the animation associated with the template LightBoxes.

Remove the existing “Lightbox Link” element and add a new one. Then link the images you want. This worked for me :white_check_mark:

If you have a lot of images in your Assets, check the name of the images in the existing “Lightbox Link” element before you delete it. Then use the search option in the assets panel when adding the images to the new “Lightbox Link”