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Lightbox Pictures won't delete! HELP

Hey guys ive been fighting with this clone website Ive been trying to use. I honestly can’t remake it unless someone can help explain how.

so the Lightbox images won’t change.

  1. ive tried to delete the picture from the assets and the images shows multiple times in all of the light boxes.
    2.i changed all the picture with other images and still the same one image keeps showing.

here’s the read only link:

Please help! im trying to release my businesses website for a couple months trying to learn Webflow while building content. Im almost ready to give up.

Hey Jose,

You need to set those image links in the lightbox component. If you click on it and navigate to settings on the right, you can add media there.

Make sure you enable or disable that “link with other lightboxes” depending on what you want.

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coppppply thank you that’s what I needed.

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