Can't find images in my lightbox


I found a great template and I wanted to use the photo galery part for my website.

I tried to understand it for a while and i finally succedeed in making my pictures appear in the lightbox and the thumbnail.
However the original pictures used in the templates still appear even if I deleted it everywhere I could find it… (div background, image)

Can you help me please ?


Up please ?
Still struggle with this

Hi @Andrea_MEYER,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I took a look and it appears this particular page and lightboxes that have been setup were affected by a previous technical platform issue that has now since been resolved.

There are some manual steps however, that would be to delete the original lightboxes on the page, then add new lightboxes from the Add Element panel. After that, you can re-add the same class names and just add in image thumbnail and media for each lightbox.

At the end, you will have this setting in the individual lightboxes:

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When creating the new lightboxes from the Add Element panel, you can check the link to other lightboxes and give a new group name and make that same setting on all new lightboxes.

After deleting the original lightboxes, after you create 2 new ones, you can test in the preview to make sure only your images are showing and the images from both lightboxes appear, then continue to add new lightboxes.

If you run into any further trouble, contact the Webflow support team at

I hope this helps.