Problem with Filtering (Finsweet)

Hello Webflow Community,
I have the Skeleton of a page for a club that in the end should have filter functionality. If I click on the year list it should filter the month list and the event list by the clicked year, and when I click on the month list it should additionally filter the event list by month. So that in the end I get only the events that ocured in the selected year and month. I used Finsweet Filter for that, but I am stuck with several things.

  1. Lets assume the year I clicked on is 2023 - If i don’t assign the month list a “to be filtered list” (fs-cmsfilter-element attribute) then it obviously shows all month even if there was no event in one of them.
  2. If I assign it though it also filters the month list by the clicked on month, what means that if I click on March all other month will disappear. I don’t want that either.
  3. It should only be possible to select one year and one list, so one item of each list once. But if I use radio Buttons it is only possible to select one in general. And when I use a radio Button for year and Checkboxes for month I can select more month what I don’t want as well.
  4. Also the problem with the second approach is, if one year and one month is selected, and from that stage I choose another year, the month stays selected what results in weird behavior. It means somehow I need the month list to automatically uncheck everything if i click on a year.

I hope this was not too confusing:)
I have tried several approaches and also tried to write custom code with the help of ChatGPT but I haven’t found a way that is fluently working. I think this is not a too complex filter functionality and would not have thought that I can’t figure it out but apparently I was wrong😅

@memetican maybe you can help?:hugs:

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Hello. I have a very similar situation, can you please tell me if you were able to find an answer?

Hi Anni,

Yes you can do this. Setup two separate filters, FS docs include a section on how to have multiple filter instances on the same page.

check out Micheals answer. Hope you were able to figure it out:)