Automatic filter options change based on earlier selected filters

Hi all,

I’ve created my filters using Finsweet Attributes. So it’s quite similar to this page:

I’ve created a category filter, and now I’d like to add a subcategory filter based on the selection that was made for the category filter.

So if we go back to the car rental example. Let’s say you have selected Volkswagen as the Brand. Then I want a filter to show up in which you can choose from the various Volkswagen types. And if you select Audi, then you would see the type filter: A3, A2, A4 etc. (so seeing the type filter, depending on the brand filter you’ve selected.)

Does anyone know if this is possible and how I should create this? FYI I’ve created a CMS for Categories with a multi-reference field for Subcategories.

Thanks so much!! Hope anyone can help me out! :grinning: