Filtering of filters and the main sheet using the Finsweet attribute

Hi, I have a terrible problem that I have been dealing with for a long time. I have a filtering system on my site (opens by clicking in the filters navbar) I need the domain to filter sub-domain and main list (located on the “org-list” page) But the problem is that my filters filter themselves, ie. sub-domain try to filter themselves and tags try to filter sub-domain too because of the attribute “fs-cmsfilter-element = “list”” like on the main list, I tried to fix it very stupidly using cms-nest set each sub-domain multi-referense where I selected all sub-domain and tags, which allowed me to cancel filtering of sub-domain, sub-domain and cancel filtering of sub-domain, tags. Also through all the same multi-referense configured filtering sub-domain, domain and everything would work as it should if not for one BUT! I have a search on my site, which just spoils everything for me, when I enter something in the search I reset all sub-domain Please, please HELP! How can I fix it?

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Setup your two filters as separate filters. Two separate forms, where filter1 is filtering the list inside of filter2, and filter2 filters your main list.

That was changes to filter1 don’t affect your list.

Check the FS docs for the part that talks about having multiple filter instances on the same page.

Yes, I was thinking of solving this problem this way, but I need my filter1 to filter the main list too

I think I’d create a duplicate the first filter into the second filter, hidden, and filter it as well. That way the second filter has the exact state/substate you want, and it’s acting on the results set alone.