Problem restoring older versions

For some reason one my pages everything seems to have halved in size-

It is meant to look like this (published version)-

First of all I don’t know why this has happened, it seemed to all go wrong whilst I was editing another page and perhaps I accidentally changed a global class, but I cant even change any of the width values on the affected page now to try and amend it.
I found a previous version on the restore page where this hadn’t happen, which was indeed before I created the other page, but I cant seem to restore it to that version either-

Why is this? Is this a bug, I know there has recently been an update.

Any help would be much appreciated

I had a similar issue before and ended up emailing support.

They did note that if there are a lot of styles, it will take longer to restore and that it was a good idea to clean up unused styles.

Email the if that doesn’t make any difference. They will ask you for the following questions, might as well give that to you to save some time.

  1. Read-only Link:
  2. Screenshots of elements/styles you were working on:
  3. Send Browser Info link:

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