WebFlow isn't saving some of the updates I've made!

Here it is, explained here, please help! Yipes!

But seriously I’m really concerned…


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Woah, @Tim_Lichti - thanks for letting us know, I don’t think we’ve had any recent reports of this happening.

Is there any chance that there was a restore of a previous backup between the times that you were making changes? Also, in the Backups tab of your site settings, are you able to see backups that have the blue line / other styling you applied?

Can you please send us an email to support@webflow.com with more information about your site (E.g. the preview link) so that we can take a closer look? Thanks!

Also, I vaguely remember some browsers having a caching issue where the Designer was showing one thing but once you publish the site (which is the version that the screencapture tool sees for the site thumbnail) it has the most recent version.

Can you let us know which OS and Browser version you’re on? Thanks again!

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