I've lost saved work

I seem to have lost a lot of saved work from last night. This morning I went to work on a new page bringing in styles from a previous page. When I went back to the previous page (last nights work) all my styles had changed on that page and some went missing with no sign of them in the navigation panel. And no undo’s available on either page… do I need to create new styles and classes for each page and why would they go missing? It looks to me that the site has reverted to a much earlier saved version with no way back.

Get back on that site again, maybe it will refresh. If not you can try historical versions from Dashboard.

Thanks again I’ve just had to re-trace my steps but I’m back to where I left off now!

We’re trying to track down this bug. But what you can do is go to your Site Settings > Versions and Restore your most recent version. That should pull up all your saved work!

Can you explain in more detail where versions are? I went to the Dashboard, and clicked Settings, and there are no versions.

I’ve run into a bug with Webflow (according to email support) that really messed with my navigation, and I’d like to revert to an earlier version while they figure it out.

Thank you!

Hey @tkister I’m sorrry you had an issue with the navigation :confused: you can access your site backups under the backup tab in the Site Dashboard: