How to import “richt text block” content from a CSV into the Webflow CMS?

I want to move our website to Webflow. However, I have a problem with rebuilding our landing pages.

We have over 100 pages so static pages are out of the question due to the limit of 100 static pages. Using the Webflow CMS makes a lot of sense here because all landing pages have an identical structure. The only thing that differs is the content itself (images, headlines, sub-headlines, paragraphs, etc.)

So I have prepared all the content of our landing pages in a CSV file to import into the Webflow CMS.

Unfortunately, there is a hard limit of 60 for custom fields. But my CSV has around 80 custom fields.

I was wondering if I can combine areas with “rich text blocks” to reduce the number of custom fields that I need.

For example with this section, instead of using 11 custom fields for defining every single part, I would like to just use 4 custom fields (one for the head/sub-headline and three for every section including an icon/headline/paragraph).

However, I don’t know if that is possible and how to define an image/headline/paragraph in a single CSV cell to import it into the Webflow CMS.

Does anyone can help with my problem or maybe have a completely different approach to how I can rebuild our landing pages at scale in Webflow.

Here is one of our pages. Add Subtitles to your Video | Type Studio

Appreciate any help!

Hi @michaelsieb, have you solved it?
I also got stuck on importing rich text. I learned that you could do this as an “embed code”, but I don’t like this solution because you can’t preview it until you publish the website.