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Help CMS Rich Text Element don’t do the line break of CVS

I have a CVS with a collection that will have 540 item, when I import the items to the field rich text element the RTE don’t assume the line break that the cvs have. It’s all in the same paragraph.
It’s crazy to do it manual!

There are a couple of posts about this but I don’t find a clear explanation / Implementation.

Someone have a solution to CMS RTE can “read” the lines break of CVS?

Thank you!

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As long as the column is in double quotes, the line breaks should get imported.

Have you tried importing your CSV with PowerImporter? It will give you a log of each row that is imported, so you’ll be able to see if the problem is with your file or the CMS import.

Thanks for your reply.
Don’t work the double quotes and I try PowerImporter and give error on cvs! I will try with airtable and nobull app.