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CSV import into CMS ignores line breaks

Hey everyone,

I’m testing importing a couple of items into a CMS collection before importing 3,000+ and the rich text fields is ignoring line breaks in the CSV… It doesn’t ignore these line breaks when I import this field into a multiple-line plain text field instead, but it needs to be a rich text field.

There are a couple of forum posts about this but no clear explanation/reason why this is happening.

This is a little frustrating after learning you can’t import to multi-reference fields (60+ hours of repetitive work ahead of me).

Any advice would be helpful!

Here is my site Read-Only:


You can use basic HTML in the field that is mapped to a rich-text field. This is how you get around the issue.

Thanks for replying @webdev. Are you suggesting to convert the CSV to HTML rich text before importing?

Yes, if you want line breaks you will need to wrap with paragraph tags when importing text into a RTF.

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