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Problem editing popup, new to webflow and loving it

I purchased the “twisted” theme to get off to a quickstart and mostly everything has been extremely easy to edit, for some strange reason tho I cannot see the popup to be able to edit it (subscription form that opens when I click the button, Its clearly there when i go in viewing mode but not present when I try to edit it.

I see it in the Navigotor but when i select it i dont see a visual representation to be able to go in edit add more fields etc etc.

Ive searched before posting, my apologizes if this has been beaten to death already but my search wasnt successful.

Thank you

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

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It looks like your public share link didn’t come through, can you update the post so we can have a look?

Without seeing anything, I am guessing the block you are trying to edit is set to Display None or has 0% opacity. If you make it Display Block instead, or 100% opacity, perhaps it will be visible in the designer.

sorry I just posted it. would you be able to show me where, ive tried opacity in 2 different places so far and still dont see it :s

Right when I open it up, there is a pop up window which I can click into and edit. Is this different than what you are seeing? It has an interaction on it that causes it to go display none and 0% opacity on load.


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sorry, finally figured it out, had to select popup at the top left instead of popup moda and set that to visible. thx ! for the help, very appricated


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