Problem committing changes in Editor

I’m brand new to Webflow, have sold a client on it, and am coming across some really annoying bugs. The worst bug is when editing text in the Editor. I make my change, and then click into the next field. The text I just edited reverts, though the edit shows up in “unpublished changes.” I publish and then refresh, but my edits are gone. The only way I can make my edits stick is to tab out of the text field when my edits are done, and then click where I want to edit next.

Is anyone else having this problem? Tabbing around is fine for me - I’m accustomed to it - but it’ll be super annoying for my client who just wants to get in, click, edit and get out. Is there some other way around this?

Hi Rebekah,

Can you provide a share link to your project and also perhaps do a quick loom video of the issue as we may be able to understand why it’s happening. Seems unusual to me. Also advise what browser your using as Webflow works best in Chrome.

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