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Editor revert changes when trying to publish

When i try to edit my blog in Editor mode it revert changes on click “Publish”.

Besides it says “No connection”.

Please see this short video:

Webflow you have so many bugs I already regret switching up from WordPress!!!

Anyone knows why I can’t save edits?

Maybe try to work with incognito mode (Sometimes browser plugins cause bugs). If you find this issue also on incognito write to webflow support about this issue.

Anyway Webflow system is very stable (“so many bugs” isnt true - for me -or- for my clients). You find bugs on any CMS/Editor/Software - be more patient :slight_smile:

Be more patient? I tried to use the editor on all my browsers (Chrome, Safari and Firefox) and it doesn’t work!

I even disabled all plugins and tried in incognito mode - it doesn’t work!

Check the screenshot below - it says “no connection” and when I make changes and click “publish” it reverts the changes.

This is so frustrating I wish I never transfered from WordPress!

Hi @Arek_Dvornechuck, that is really strange behavior for sure, the no connection means that there is some local trouble on that computer to connect to Webflow.

Can you please help to share It is often helpful to first try the following steps:

(1) Try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off.

(2) If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Browser Error Console and send that to me.

(3) It may be helpful to disable the browser cache so that updated files are always downloaded instead of pulling old content from browser cache.

(4) Remove custom code being used on the project, custom code can cause the editor to not work as expected.

If the issue persists, please contact to our support at to get further help with that.

Thanks in advance

Look I’ve tried all of that, disabled (even removed) all the plugins, cleared cache, disabled cache, incognito window — This is obviously an error on your end!

This is so frustrating I spent so much time and money hoping you gonna have basic blogging functionality.

Why I can’t save drafts in editor mode? (you can only publish, you can’t save as drafts)
Why I can’t access drafts with a url (every time I have to go and find a post and then hit preview)
Why I can’t create bullet lists using editor (editor is very very limited)
Why I can’t add “id=xxx” to headings? (I have to use custom code)
Why there’s no option to add “nofollow” or “dofollow” links (rel=“nofollow”)
Why I can’t access HTML code of Rich Text? (like in wordpress)

Webflow is so damn limited when it comes to blogging that I wish I knew that before I spent so much time to transfer over from WordPress.

Webflow is very poor and limited when it comes to blogging and it’s probably going to take you years to develop it to some acceptable level.

Now, the Editor doesn’t even work for me which is a shame — I have to use the designer’s mode to write blog posts and can’t even quickly 1-click preview how it will look like.

Hi @Arek_Dvornechuck, thanks for your reply, as far as the editor trouble not saving edits, I am here to help check on that, if you can help to let me know the site read only link, I can help to take a look further, see how to Share a project’s read-only link.

If you do not want to share the link for all to see, please contact our support at

Regarding the other comments:

Why I can’t save drafts in editor mode? (you can only publish, you can’t save as drafts)

You may save drafts in the editor:

Why I can’t access drafts with a url (every time I have to go and find a post and then hit preview)

– That is a good idea for our Wishlist at

Why I can’t create bullet lists using editor (editor is very very limited)

– You can create bullet lists in the editor, with rich text elements you can add:

Headings (H1-H6)
Image Captions
Image alt attributes
Custom code
Block quotes
Unordered Lists (bulleted)
Ordered Lists (numbered)
Videos (Youtube, Vimeo)
Rich media (Google maps, SoundCloud, Imgur, Giphy, Codepen, and more)

For any text elements, you can add additional formatting:

Links (URL, page, email, etc)
Bold text
Italic text

Why I can’t add “id=xxx” to headings? (I have to use custom code)

– You can add an ID from the element settings panel in the Designer only at the moment:

You might also be able to use some custom code in the page to set elements.

Why there’s no option to add “nofollow” or “dofollow” links (rel=“nofollow”)

– The ability to add nofollow or dofollow links for the cms is on the wishlist, but this capabiliy can be achieved for static links by using a custom attribute in link settings:

Why I can’t access HTML code of Rich Text? (like in wordpress):

The html code in Webflow is hidden in the designer, it can be viewed online on the published site or you can also do a Code export.

You can also now add custom code to rich text blocks, see the latest release for that:

Also on the connection issues, it could be that the dns cache on the workstation is not updating very frequently, I would recommend to use Google Public DNS to get the fastest, most reliable dns so that connections are reliable and fast, see here:

There can be a lot of reasons for why a browser will lose connection, usually it is because of some browser extension, but can also be due to being being a company firewall, or there is something about the site domain, it could be that the domain dns settings need to be checked.

I am here to help, I know Webflow can be sometimes tricky if something is not built in or works as you expect, but in nearly all cases there is a workaround or custom code you can use to achieve a particular goal. As @Siton_Systems mentioned, bugs do happen, we hate bugs and try to resolve those as quickly as possible and to improve the system. Webflow undergoes a lot of updates, see our updates page here:

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Here’s the link:

You can’t actually quickly preview drafts which is very disturbing. If I edit in Designer then I have to go all around to editor and then find the post and then open it up and finally I can preview.

I can’t add “id=xxx” to headings in Rich Text mode, I know I can do it in Designer on a regular page, but I can’t do it in Rich Text mode so stop lying.

I use Google Domain. Why is that with WordPress I didn’t have NONE of these problems. I told you I disabled plugins and used 3 different browsers and different internet connection (home, starbucks etc.)

These are some basic features that are really concerning me as I mentioned I run a blog and I came across some article in videos (I don’t know if you sponsored them) but obviously now I have to write my own independent article with true story.

Why I can’t save changes using Editor in draft mode? (can only publish)
BTW it still doesn’t work and is very upsetting!

Hey I still can’t use the editor, nobody even cares Webflow make empty promises that they will reach out to web dev but never did. Just ignored me basically after taking my money for the whole year subscription!

Why you closed my topic? — Guys nobody helped me. They promised for weeks and months and nobody was able to figure that out. They just basically dismissed me. Editor does NOT work and Webflow does NOT CARE.

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