Changes made by client in editor disappears after publishing!

I’m in the process of finishing up a new site. The client is at the same time using the editor to edit content and publishing changes as changes are made. On several occasions the last few days the client has made changes in the editor, published, gone to different pages, then gone back to pages where changes have been made, only to find that all changes made the last hour are gone. I find no trace of these changes in the backups.

Also the client experiences problems in the editor when updating/writing text in text fields. New/edited text only shows after the client clicks outside the text field, then going back in to edit mode, that back out of edit mode. It looks like this only happens with text in static text fields, not in collections. (Client is using Windows 10 / Chrome browser).

Anybody else experiencing this? Could it be a user conflict when the same pages are open/active in both designer and editor?


Yes this could very well be your issue.

I will stay out of the designer when the client is using the editor and try to track if the problems is only happening then both designer and editor is in use.

Webflow does not support concurrent edits.

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