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Problem animation: changing to 'class' : disappear 'image element'

please have a look to the animation: I want to make the same as

i made a printscreen video :

Is this an issue of webflow!?

here is my preview:

Please check it out

Hi @KarelRosseel82

It seems the image element in your project has not picked up the class that you have assigned to it. If you see that it’s class in the style panel is image11 but in the navigator it still looks like a default image.


If you can delete the image and replace it, this should solve any problems with the interactions. I can’t reproduce the error unfortunately and it seems it’s a one-off on your project, but please let me know if this is not the case.

thanks, it should be possible that this error never occurs…
thanks to help me

I agree, a world without any bugs whatsoever would be ideal! :slight_smile:

As I can’t reproduce the error, it’s tough to find the actual cause.

If this occurs again and you know the steps to reproduce it, then please feel free to screen share and ping me and I’ll be happy to take a look to see if we can get to the root of it.

I know these thing don’t help with the workflow and appreciate you taking the time to post about it.

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I really don’t know but I can not rename the class… even if I delete the classname !

what is happening?

Thanks to help

You will need to delete the actual item, and add a fresh one from the add panel and add a new class name.

thanks, it worked for me: I called the image ‘boat’ (in dutch= ‘boot’) for all 3 images the same name…

But a problem I see: when I click on a wrong tab:settings : I can not any more go to my settings of my animation… please let it be possible that the animation still stays on top while a person/student should be clicking wrong tab because sometimes they go to settings in stead of ‘navigator’…

look to my printscreen video

Thanks to make ’ change target’ purple bar to know that you also can click the navigator if you need the navigator (=think to all people that sometimes click wrong…) :slight_smile:

please check also my problem with the Sticky menu:

Just wanted to add that this inability to rename an element happens really often recently and it would be nice to have this fixed.

@magicmark Hello today my student also has again the same problem

Look to the printscreenvideo

and preview of the website:


@dram @KarelRosseel82 :wave:

I’ve created an issue for our engineers to have a look at and I’ve used the screenshares and sites as a reference for them to see.

I will keep you posted. For now, the solution is to remove the element and replace it with a fresh one from the add panel. I genuinely know this is a pain to do when it happens.

As and when it keeps occurring, please do let me know as I can bump the priority. If you see/hear of other users with this issue then feel free to point them in this direction too. :pray:


I made a “Scroll into view” interaction for the texts layers of my subtitles.
I wanted to apply it to all my subtitles by setting the actions on class instead of “this element”, but then the name goes blank and these actions don’t happen.

34 26

Any idea where that comes from? is it a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Philemon :wave:

This is currently a known bug, and has been reported to our engineers who have a fix in their radar.
It’s happening when you add a class to an element which is showing in the style panel, but is not showing up in the navigator. You cannot rename the class either.

The workaround in this case is to remove the element entirely, and add it again from the add panel, giving it a new class. This solves the issue in most cases, and I appreciate it’s not very practical at all, so fingers crossed a fix will be pushed live.

I will add your comment to the issue I’ve posted with our engineers, and thank you for taking the time to report the issue.

Please keep me updated if this occurs again, and we will post back once a fix is pushed live.

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Thanks Mark,
I saw it happen ones before and I figured deleting was the solution.
I saw @dram mentioned it’s occurring more lately, could it be due to the beta style panel? just an idea.
If I happen to see a specific action that trigger this bug I’ll let you know.

@magicmark is there already a fix for this problem?
I get also the problem when I want to change the name of a div with a rich-text-element today.

Please can you look to my printscreen video

my project:

this issue about the white line problem of an gif animation I discussed in this topic:
Problem WHITE LINE under the gif-animation into rich-text-block! + solution no mousehover over gif anymore

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