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Problem navbar with container flex: space between + 2 buttons linking to the same item IS NOT YET POSSIBLE!=bug!?

Please can somebody tell me what is wrong

  1. flexbox behavior: for the little menu: not correct when I use space-between

  2. problem clicking a menu again and again… look to the video
    I think the problem is with the orange menu clicking a second, third, fourth time… does not work any more!! What did I do wrong or is it a bug?
    preview link:

Thanks to help
(original was this one with Adobe Muse)

Hi Karel,

If you change the link property to anchor-omgeving (for each link ‘TOERISME’ and ‘Omgeving’), does that solve what you desire to occur?
Image%201 Image%202

@knk the div ‘anchor-omgeving’ is a possibility I created because than all white space is the same above a container because when the menu changes than I only need to change the ‘anchor’ - height.

this hs nothing to do with pointing to the orange menu.

please try to make the same idea of project yourself… you will understand my problem also I think.

maybe @PixelGeek xelgeek can help me with a tuturial?
Thanks a lot