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Scrolling wrong with sticky menu

wrong anchor: when scrolling with sticky menu

check my preview

Thanks to make section anchor to section+margin top

HI @KarelRosseel82

This looks like it’s expected behavior based on where your menu is and how tall it is.

Your anchor link will scroll to the exact location where the ID meets the top of the page — in this case where id-solutions meets the top of the page. In this case I recommend adding padding to your section to account for the size of your sticky nav.

Here’s a gif showing this:

Hope this helps!

Brando this a nice solution but not 'for all sections into a large website manuelly to change? ’ for me this is not a correct solution because I like more to change topmargin instead of padding for all mediaqueries… can there be made an extra option-behavior for the margin… it should work the same way as the code below: anchor becomes a class and set position higher ‘the height/higher then the section’ so there is no padding neither topmargin required also… because in code there is a possibility to a put the anchor as a class higher… so for me the value of the class=‘anchor’ can be simple the height of the topmargin…
and when changing to other mediaquery only the class ‘anchor-m’ need to change to the same value of the stickymenu height.

plaese can you make the possibility to checkmark ‘anchor starts at top margin’ look to


Hi @KarelRosseel82

I love this idea! That would definitely make building anchor links like this much easier.

If you’d like to get this conversation started with the community and our Product Managers, could you please post about this our Webflow Wishlist?

Thanks very much!


thanks to make this possible!

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