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Problem WHITE LINE under the gif-animation into rich-text-block! + solution no mousehover over gif anymore

Hi Everyone,
I want to make a website with a gif animation,
I tried with because I found some information at the topic of ‘rich text element’
but now I have a problem:
look to

you will see that there is a difference between the look into the editor and the look into the ‘live view’

a problem with the white line under the gif when I do not use ‘overflow hidden’

Thanks to help me with this problem


made with

Thanks to report this not as a bug… but I see it as bug: so I changed to for a better solution: this is why:
but I found an other bug: renaming a div for imgur… look to
When I tried to make a difference between <->
=> I prefer Gipshy because the correct width is already given to the gif + NO WHITE LINE PROBLEM!
What do you suggest: is an overlay the best possibility?

To get NO HOVER EFFECT => draw a div ‘transparent’ above the rich-text-element

=> Solution: I will use Giphy gif

Thanks all

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