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NEW Problem: renaming Text-block DOES NOT RENAME

A student has to problem when he want to rename the class-nameµ

The name of the ‘text block’ does not rename!

Hi’s preview:
shared website:

Hi @KarelRosseel82,

Thanks for posting about this! Can you please try the following:

If you’re unable to reproduce the behavior using Incognito, then please disable your browser extensions to understand which extension is causing a conflict.

Hope this helps!

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hi I am student of Karel and i have the same problem

my project

Problem 2 because name is not change => we can not animate 2 donuts!!

Thanks to view the printscreenvideo


Hello again,

Thanks for the screencast and the added info. I was able to repro on my end and seems this specific Text Element might be corrupted.

Can you please delete the element, add a new Text Block, give it the ‘Hartje’ class and then adjust the Interaction?

Once you add a new element, the Class name should be reflected on the element. Here’s a quick screencast with these steps:

Hope this helps :wink:

I do not understand console: this is what i get:
but when I try to reproduce the problem: the console is empty while doing the bug.

Thanks to help

Just run into this myself. Renaming the class didn’t rename it in the navigator and when hovering over the element on canvas it shows it as “div block” even though selecting an element will show the correct name in the selector area. I noped the hell out of this state as soon as I saw this and reloaded the latest backup (which I am now doing twice as often with these weird problems as of late), and this fixed things.

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