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Private hosting not connecting on all servers

Hey community. First let me say how useful some of the topics I’ve found here had been while creating my websites, so THANK YOU!

I bought out private hosting for a website, updated with 2 A records and Cname and it shows connected on my webflow account, for www and bare, and when I go to it usually shows connected for all servers. With the off time one of them not connecting (but I find that’s the case for most websites, and it usually disappears after few minutes/hours). The problem I encounter is that sometimes the websites doesn’t connect for certain people. Like, right now my client called me upset because his website is not working. I check my phone/computer and it works. So, I go through my usual spiel: delete cookies and cached data, go to incognito window or use another browser. But he says he tried it all and it doesn’t work. But it worked fine in the last 2 weeks (aside from the first 2 days) and I haven’t updated or changed anything in the DNS settings. I did update/publish the website with new images but that shouldn’t affect it?

I asked a few friends to check the site for me and the results were mixed, 3 were able to view it and 1 wasn’t (+client). The www or bare domain.

I know these problems are expected in the first 48 hours of hosting, as DNS settings on servers often only get updated every 24 hours and there might be some lag time. But this particular website was hosted almost 2 weeks ago.

Another factor that might be important is that this only happens when hosting on 1and1 domains, godaddy domains connect without any glitches.

Any suggestions of how to fix this or why it happens are appreciated. Thanks!

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