Issues with our DNS settings

So, I am still trying to wrap my head around the DNS settings. My first and only client’s Webflow site went down yesterday. Unfortunately, bc my client is even less knowledgeable that I, for a year before hosting on Webflow, they were paying for site hosting through both Shopify and Bluehost, unknowingly. They bought their domain on Bluehost, but didn’t understand that Shopify was hosting their site, so paid for a pricey hosting plan on Bluehost, as well.

Then I come in. I redesigned and added to their website and hosted the additional pages here on Webflow. Currently their store still links to Shopify for now, but all the other pages are hosted in Webflow. In May I had to convince them to cancel their Bluehost hosting plan that was about to expire. It was very difficult because Bluehost was basically leading them to think that when their hosting plan would expire the webpage would cease to exist. Finally they cancelled their hosting plan and things were good and the site was hosted on Webflow for that month without the Bluehost hosting plan.

Yesterday the Webflow site went down. They panicked and called Bluehost and this company just kept saying that their hosting plan had expired, so they quickly paid for a month of hosting, thinking that that would resolve their problem. Maybe 5 hours later I went to check the DNS settings and in the Webflow Hosting section in the Project Settings. Both the A Name and CNAME were both listed as having issues. After, I went to the Bluehost DNS settings and noticed the A Name and CNAME were not listing the Webflow’s servers. Although, I believe that it may also be that Webflow has since changed its server addresses since March?

Anyway, I managed to redirect the A Name and the CNAME back to Webflow (, Checked Webflow last night and both the AName and CNAME were working and connected. This morning the site works, but the client thinks it’s because they paid for the hosting for one month at Bluehost. I showed that the site is now working, and since it’s pointing to Webflow’s servers, that it’s safe to cancel the hosting through Bluehost.

Now Bluehost is telling them that when the hosting expires in 30 days, the site will go down because Bluehost is hosting the nameservers, and just the A NAME is going to Webflow, and that it’s something I need to change in the DNS settings in Webflow. Should I be changing the nameservers to Webflow somewhere?

Also, even though the root domain ( and the full domain ( are now working, the “” is not. This part of the site is hosted by Shopify.

My thinking is that it’s because there is another issue with the DNS settings. For example, should I be changing the other addresses under the “A” Section and the CNAME section to be the same address as the and “”? Particularly for the other lines listed (localhost, mail, whm, cpcalendars), as well as the ones in the CNAME section below the “www”? Below are the DNS settings in Bluehost. Again, should I be changing the nameservers to Webflow, too?

Please help! And thank you in advance, this has all been such a confusing mess for me!

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