Trying to point godaddy domain to webflow hosting


Looks like hosting works in general when I visit my client’s just-launched website from Chrome, but when I visit it via Firefox or Safari, it throws this error message:

Here’s my GoDaddy setup (where I have the domain name):



I have SSL set up in Webflow, so hence the A records pointing to those 2 IP addresses. And I have the www set up to go to webflow proxy.

It looks like everything is set up correctly when I look in the hosting of Webflow here:

What am I missing? :slight_smile:

works for me on FF, Chrome and Safari. Have you tried using private or incognito mode in your other browsers? Doing this will make sure than any installed extensions or browser plugins will not be enabled while trying to view your website.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yeah, funny, I had just set the www cname to webflow’s SSL version and it wasn’t working for about 15 minutes, but then 5 minutes after I posted this, it started working. Must be your magic touch, PixelGeek. :wink:

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sometimes i takes a while for DNS settings to fully propagate. I did nothing but respond to your post :wink:

maybe it is you who has “the touch”

Now you got me jammin’ to the 80s. You really are all powerful.

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