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Pricing Question - No Webflow Badge

My goal is to host the website I created through Webflow without the Webflow badge for as little money as possible.

I currently have a Lite Plan for the designer. I just finished designing my website (just one website, 3 pages).

If I choose the basic hosting option, will my site still have the Webflow badge? Or do I have to upgrade my designer plan to Pro and also pay for the basic hosting to remove the Webflow badge? That seems very pricey, am I missing something? Do I even have to have a designer plan if I am hosting? Could I simply reactive my designer plan whenever I need to make changes?

I am a bit confused, any clarity would be helpful. Thank you!


Also, if I do choose to use Webflow hosting, can I host a video file? I have an HTML embed for an HTML5 video player that currently links to a video being hosted on Dropbox.

Had this same question, and WebFlow DID answer it for me, we ended up going with the free “Starter” plan (your interface that allows you at the free level to have 2 projects).

The webflow badge is removed from the website with any PAID hosting, we went with the CMS hosting, but you might be able to go with basic hosting, depending if you need any CMS elements.

However, this will not remove the WebFlow branding from the editors, and form fillouts sent to the client, I think i was able to remove it from the hidden HTML source code though.

We received a transferred site and upon publishing, badge didn’t go away until we unpublished and then republished the site, which was a near instantaneous fix, literally done in seconds.

Hope this helped!


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